A TASTE OF EDEN Starship Sofa, Feb. 2020
OUR LADY OF REDEMPTION Nameless, Jasunni Productions, Dec. 2019
FLIGHT Polar Borealis #12, Dec. 2019
SIMPLE PLEASURES Deranged, Darkerwood Publications, Dec. 2019
THE PROBE Dark Moments, Black Hare Press, Nov. 2019
HEART STRINGS Thrilling Words,  Jun. 2019
NAUTILUS Thrilling Words,  Jun. 2019
SINS OF THE FATHER Canadian Dreadful,  Jun. 2019
UKI DREAMS Tesseracts 22: Alchemy and Artifacts, EDGE Publishing,  Jun. 2019
ENTWINED The Pulp Horror Book of Phobias, Lycan Valley Press, May 2019
ON THE HOUSE Dark Moments, Black Hare Press, Apr. 2019
SIR TOR AND THE RIVER MAIDEN (19 pages) By the Light of Camelot, EDGE Publishing, Jul. 2018
A TASTE OF EDEN Worlds of SF, F and H Vol. III, Jan. 2018
SHOES Polar Borealis #5, Feb. 2018
A BOOK BY ITS COVER Starship Sofa #505 (podcast), Oct. 2017
THE HEALER’S TOUCH The Sum of Us: Tales of the Bonded and the Bound, Laksa Media Group, Sept. 2017
SINS OF THE FATHER OnSpec #105, Vol. 28, Aug. 2017
LOVE IN THE VAPORS Futuristica Vol. 2, Metasagas Press, Apr. 2017
CHANGES Deep Waters #2, Golden Fleece Press, Feb. 2017
PAUL BUNYAN’S TOILS SpeckLit, May 2016
SEASONS END Beauty of Death, Independent Legions May 2016
MERMAID’S CURSE SpeckLit, Apr. 2016
BUFFALO GALS Clockwork Canada, Exile Editions Apr. 2016
FREEDOM’S JUST ANOTHER WORD Agnes and True,, Apr. 2016
HOLD BACK THE NIGHT Blood in the Rain, Nov. 2015
SCAR TISSUE (with Rhea Rose) Second Contacts, Bundoran Press, Sept. 2015
ASYLUM nEvermore: Tales of Mystery, Murder & the Macabre, EDGE Publishing, Jun. 2015
SYMBIOSIS Shoreline of Infinity, Jun. 2015
EXEGESIS OF THE INSECTA APOCRYPHA Best of Horror Library: Vol. 1-5. Cutting Block Press, Apr. 2015
SHAPING DESTINY Black Treacle, Jun. 2015
PEARLS AND SWINE Exile Book of New Canadian Noir, Exile Editions, Mar. 2015
THE BOOK WITH NO END Imaginarium 2014, ChiZine Publications, Feb. 2015
THE COLLECTOR Cemetery Dance #71, 2014
TOWER OF STRENGTH Irony of Survival, Zharmae Publishing, Jul. 2013
GINGERBREAD PEOPLE Chilling Tales 2, Edge Publications, Oct. 2013
THE HIGHEST PRICE Artifacts and Relics: Extreme Sorcery, Heathen Oracle, Sept. 2013
THE DIVER Read Short, Aug. 2013
THE BOOK WITH NO END Bibliotheca Fantastica, Dagan Books, Jul. 2013
RED IS THE COLOR OF MY TRUE LOVE’S BLOOD Deep Cuts, Evil Jester Press, Jan. 2013
THE BROWN WOMAN Over the Brink, Third Flatiron Publishing, June 2012
A BOOK BY ITS COVER Mirrorshards, Bad Moon Books Aug 2011
TASTY MORSELS Polluto #8, Aug. 2011
LOVER’S TRIANGLE New Vampire Tales, Books of the Dead Press March 2011
EXEGESIS OF THE INSECTA APOCRYPHA Horror Library Vol. IV, Cutting Block Press Oct. 2010
AN EMBER AMONGST THE FALLEN Evolve: Vampire Tales of the New Undead, Edge Publications March 2010
A TASTE FOR TREASURE Alison’s Wonderland, Harlequin Books July, 2010
A KIND HAND Shroud #9, Nov. 2009
THE BOY WHO BLED RUBIES Don Juan & Men, MLR Press June 2009
STOCKING STUFFERS Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Running Press 2008/2009
THE FATHOMLESS WORLD Cone Zero: Nemonymous 8 2008
ICE QUEEN Warrior Wise Woman, Norilana Books June 2008
STRICT MANAGEMENT Open for Business, Cleis Press June 2008
JANUKUPARA Mammoth Book of the Kama Sutra August 2008
AMUSE-BOUCHE Shroud Magazine #2 May 2008
STOCKING STUFFERS Naughty or Nice, Cleis Press Nov. 2007
CIPHER Jerry Jazz Musician, Nov. 2007
HEAT E is for Exotic, Cleis Press May 2007
PROMISE OF SUBMISSION B is for Bondage, Cleis Press Feb. 2007
HOLD BACK THE NIGHT Open Space, Red Deer Press Sept. 2003
HORIZONS Mammoth Book of On the Road, Carol & Graf Dec. 2002
DREAM JOURNEY Guilty Pleasure,s Black Books Jan. 2002
ON WINGS OF ANGELS Vestal Review, Web Magazine #7 Oct. 2001
LOVER’S TRIANGLE Dreams of Decadence #14 Summer 2001
THE FISHWIFE Descant 109, Cresting the Modern Age, Vol. 31, No. 2 Summer 2000
PHOENIX SUNSET Twilight Tales first web author 1999
THE DAY ON THE DOG OF SNAPPY & ITCHY Tails From The Pet Shop Twilight Tales chapbook Feb. 1999
ALL MY FAMILY North of Infinity, Mosaic Press 1998
CONSUMING FEAR Northern Frights 4, Mosaic Press 1997
LOVER’S TRIANGLE On Spec Magazine, Spring Vol. 8 #1 1996
PHOENIX SUNSET Tesseracts3, Press Porcepic, Dec. 1990

2 responses to “PUBLISHED WORKS

  1. Hi, Colleen,
    Mark Toner here – art director of Shoreline of Infinity and illustrator of Symbiosis. Great story, by the way.
    I’ve recently revived my Blogger account as an upgrade to my Space Pilot Comics site and have been looking for other blogs to add to my reading list. And, here, I’ve found yours. I’m looking forward to following your words of wisdom throughout 2019.

    • colleenanderson

      Thanks, Mark. Don’t know how much wisdom I’ll have but thanks for stopping by. I’m also looking for guest bloggers so you can always track me down on Facebook. 😉

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