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I have had a varied, artsy life and some would say I’m still bohemian. I graduated in photography (Visual Communications) and was about to come full circle. I bought a digital camera, went to Ireland and took some fun photos. I was still learning the camera but began to think that I should see about getting the better ones into some stock photo places. And then, four months after I bought the camera, my place was broken into and camera stolen. I have a new camera and am still taking photos and starting to explore possibilities with the images.

I also later graduated with a degree in Creative Writing. That’s two BFAs; maybe I can trade them in for a Masters. Should I ever go back to school it’s as likely I’ll go for a religious studies masters or anthropology as one in writing. There is a lot of interesting stuff out there and not enough time to take it all.

I have a strong sculptural design aspect. My ex was a cold-glass artist and I became more involved in the glass arts. IΒ loved glassblowing but really couldn’t afford to continue there. I did make this giant slug out of broken pieces of glass and had it coming out of a old wooden box. It was titled, “It Came From the Glass Studio” and was actually juried into an art show at the Vancouver Public Library. I never took a picture of it–stupid me, and I gave it to a different ex-boyfriend. I’m sure it’s moldered back to its original form by now.

I also made 1/4 of a six-foot pomegranate, seeds and all. It was put on a wood and chicken wire frame and then I covered it in foam and upholstery fabric of the slightly leathery type. I then painted over this. As well, I cut foam into large (about ten inches) seeds and covered each one into red, transparent cellophane. I put these down the middle slit. And then I took the thing over the border to a festival in the US. Again, I don’t have more than one picture of this. (What’s wrong with me?) and it now resides in the enshrined basement of a friend in Snohomish.

I keep making jewellery of late: watches, earrings and necklaces…and then I don’t sell them. It’s just beading but it’s another creative outlet from the wordcrafting.

One of my major loves is writing, obviously. (You probably never thought I’d get to this.) And I seem to be opinionated…hmmm. I’ve been drawing since I was six when I knew I wanted to be an artist. I started writing around twelve, with poetry. I hid it for years until I took it off somewhere for a critique in my early twenties. Then I started taking writing courses. My “Muse” and “Worlds of What-if” blogposts talk more about those early inspirations.

These days I still do some freelance editing (not enough) and writing. I’m a past online poetry and fiction editor and slush manuscript editor. I might take those mantles up again should the opportunity come along. I have edited many first-time novels for individuals as well as working with publishers and magazines. I’ve co-edited two anthologies Tesseracts 17 and Playground of Lost Toys, and 2018 saw me editing Alice Unbound: Beyond Wonderland through Exile Publishing.

2018 also saw my collection A Body of Work published by Black Shuck Books, UK. I work on several stories at the same time and a few poems. I also have a novel, a collection of poetry and other stories in the works. In 2017-2018 the Canada Council gave me a grant for writing and I thank the Council for their support.

I think the world is an intricate and inherently beautiful place. I try to remember the sheer variety and ingenuity of humans when it seems that everything goes dire. It’s important to balance against the constant media deluge of doom and gloom. No wonder we have a depressed society. I still believe there is more good than evil in the world, yes, even if I write tales of dark times.

This, like my life, is a work in progress…


25 responses to “About Colleen

  1. Ingrid

    Are you the same Coleen Anderson who was part of WV Writer’s and did “MotherWit”? One of the members on the roundtable wondered, and as a fan of MotherWit, so did I.

    You have a great site and I love the photo at the top of your page.

    I’m in fact, the other Colleen. Our names our spelled the same but the only way I can use music is to dance to it. If you google our name, you’ll find that Colleen comes up with the Mother Wit site first. And thanks for the complement.

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  3. Kyle Stadnyk

    Too bad you’re not still a student in BC, you could submit a lot of your work and win the 2010 Learning Legacies Competition ($2,000 prize).
    I’m helping to promote the contest. If you are friends with any BC students can you please let them know about it? πŸ™‚ http://bit.ly/byAIjm

  4. Mick Sylvestre

    I have a question…is there a good place to get readers to critque work in progress?
    Perhaps even regionally (BC)?


  5. Adrian Wyatt

    Where and how can I purchase your book(s)? Please and thank you. I stumbled across your work here and I really enjoy it.

    • colleenanderson

      I don’t have any books out yet but a collection of poetry. I have stories and poems in various magazines and anthologies (a collection of stories by different authors). The current ones for this year include these anthology titles: The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies, Polluto #8 (UK magazine), Mirror Shards Anthology, Candle in the Attic Window (poem). There is another I think but I can’t remember. Under About Colleen you will find a list of my past writing and the magazine or anthology it was in. If you google the titles you should find most of these and I believe many are through Amazon.

  6. Colleen, nice blog and writing. Look forward to reading it more and have added it to my blogroll at OCanadaBlog. Best, Brett

  7. Hi Colleen, I really enjoyed your Don Quixote poem in HFQ. Sounds like you have your fingers in many interesting pies. Shame you live so far away or I’d be able to invite you to our local Bohemian poetry and storytelling nights. Looking forward to reading more of your work πŸ™‚

    • colleenanderson

      Thanks, Lorna. Well I will be in the UK at the beginning of Nov. but in Brighton. I guess it all depends when and where you meet in the UK.

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  9. Any chance I can use the balls that spell out writer image as my comapny logo?

    • colleenanderson

      These days I try to make sure the images I use either belong to me or are creative commons. However, I’m not sure which post that one was with but I usually try to give credit. So at this time, you’ll have to track the image and see if you can find out the original owner.

  10. Nicole Borthwick

    Hello, I stumbled upon this while writing the first draft of my own memoirs, and looking up the name of childhood friends. Lydia (Langstaff) Stewart came up. We were in elementary school, then reunited for a year of high school. To my knowledge, the family still lives in Victoria. I’m in Toronto now pursuing my career. Writing, media, blogging. I hope you find Lydia’s family. We were good friends, until we went our separate ways.

    • colleenanderson

      I found Jeff in eastern Canada, and he contacted Lydia’s sister. I’ve never heard anything from her though it seems her manuscript is in her sister’s hands as well.

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  12. Joe

    Colleen…I am the publisher of Jerry Jazz Musician…I published your story “Cipher” in 2007 and would like your participation in a feature I am publishing in the Spring of 2019. Please send me an email so we can discuss this? Thanks.

  13. Hello from the Other Colleen Anderson…or one of them! I’m the Mother Wit one (motherwitdesign.com). Once, I think, Goodreads mixed up our books, and my sweet little children’s novel barged her way into your collection of dark fiction, where it didn’t belong! Or maybe that was yet another Colleen Anderson…Anyway, I’m happy to find your blog. We are both inveterate creators. Must be something about this name.

    • colleenanderson

      Hi Colleen, yes I’ve come across your site before as well. There is at least a third Colleen Anderson who writes erotica and my books and hers have got mixed up on Goodreads before as well. πŸ™‚ Wishing you a creative winter!

  14. Hello Colleen. Charles Wilkinson here, Canadian filmmaker. I happened upon a reference you made on this page to the gulag (Simon Fraser Junior High) you attended and a particularly unpleasant teacher there – Archie Wilcox. This may very well be the same Archie Wilcox who was the principal at G.P. Vanier Junior High in Calgary where I attended mid 60s. This man was pretty toxic. We had corporal punishment in those days still – Wilcox wielded the strap with real passion. He made my and many other’s time there very very unpleasant. I’m hoping your experience with the guy was not as awful. And you’ve clearly survived nicely. Huge congratulations on your body of work. CW

  15. Hi Carol, love your poetry! I’m a small business owner in Vancouver (https://kafkasorganic.com/) and would love to do a collaboration with you do a fundraiser during this time if you’re interested. Let me know πŸ™‚

    • colleenanderson

      Hi Sarah, did you mean to message me? My name is Colleen, not Carol. If you did mean to message me you can contact me, you’ll have to give me contact information as I did not see any way to do so on your site.

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