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Warrior Wisewoman Review

Here is a favorable review out for Warrior Wisewoman. I’m looking for others and will post them for good or ill as they appear. http://thefix-online.com/reviews/warrior-wisewoman/

In “Ice Queen” by Colleen Anderson, Janie Blue is an “icebreaker” entering the virtual world of a system she’s been hired to repair. Two others, another icebreaker and a “netwalker,” have already suffered serious injury trying to repair the same system, and Janie Blue suspects that she hasn’t been told everything she needs to know. A recognized expert in her field, she concentrates on her work and keeps people at a distance. But inside this system, she meets something—or someone—beyond anything she’s ever encountered.

The premise of this story is fascinating, and the tension is high. Anderson expertly conveys the lonely, claustrophobic other-world in which Janie Blue operates, to satisfying effect.

This second one is not a review so much as a description of the stories. If you see other reviews, please let me know. I haven’t yet had a chance to read my copy. Hoping to get to a few stories this week.


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