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Writing: Cone Zero Reviews

Following are three reviews of Nemonymous 8: Cone Zero. I still cannot reveal which story is mine until March 2009. It’s fun to play the guessing game and see if you can match up the authors. I’m as unfamiliar with most of them as they are with me. Many are Brits because this is a British anthology. I’ve done some snooping to try and match up the stories and writers but it’s hard, not knowing their style.

I did read the full anthology and overall liked most of the stories. The caliber is quite high. There are a few that could have stood a bit more editing and I dislike red herrings that don’t go anywhere but the majority read very well. They’re engaging and encompass quite a range of worlds.

Before the review though, here is a little You Tube piece I found titled “Cone Zero.” I think it must be by someone involved with the book (writer, editor) because it certainly captures the feel of some of the stories.


This review does not list every story but mentions some of the thematic aspects of the book: http://www.magicalrealism.co.uk/view.php?story=89


The Fix’s review give a synopsis of each story and sometimes a critical comment. It’s very thorough. http://thefix-online.com/reviews/cone-zero-nemonymous-8/


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