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Peachland: A Sweet Place to Be

Peachland is just north of Penticton by about a half hour. Some would call it a bedroom community and I think there are some people that keep “cottages” there for the summer. It is a town that is long but not very wide, averaging two-four streets at the deepest. One side is hemmed in by Okanagan Lake and the other by the highway and the mountain beyond it, though some building and extension of Peachland has gone up the hillside.

In all, the town is probably about two miles long, maybe a bit longer, with a narrow, rocky beach(small palm-sized rocks) necessitating shoes for walking. Yet there are still people frolicking in the water and many boaters as well. It is the 100th centennial of the town this year and there were couples on Saturday renewing their vows. They had hoped to get a hundred couples but probably didn’t get that many. It was an extremely hot day, (36 degrees Celsius) and the long walk from the town shops to the other shops had me melting, especially since I had to cover up from burning myself the day before. But still it was pleasant.

Peachland memorial

I dropped into Peachland because it has one of my favorite jewellery stores there, Dragonfly and Amber, www.dragonflyandamber.com (the picture of the store on the site is of the old location). The store has moved from the main shopping area (all of about three blocks long) and is now down on 13th St. near the other end of the beach. I found the store quite a few years ago and whenever I go out that way I stop by, just to look if nothing else. She carries many other items as well, intriguing tchatkas and gewgaws, a few clothes, house and garden items even. But the main thrust of the store is jewellery, earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets; unique and designer made. Dragonfly and Amber carries pieces I’ve never seen anywhere else and designers may be from Israel or the US or local.

Anything that is handmade is often unique or individual, but it’s not cheap. Having dabbled in some aspects of jewellery making (stringing beads, making earrings, using various stones and bits) I find the longest time spent is often in arranging everything in a pleasing way. Jewellers who cast and carve, sculpt and mold take even longer, increasing their costs in materials and price. Most of what is at Dragonfly and Amber is costume jewellery; semi-precious stones, rhinestones, crystals, glass, even plastic, but the handmade, individual aspect still sets most pieces at $100 or more. There are rings and earrings cheaper but not that many of them.

So I like to look, treating the store as a museum if nothing else. PeachlandShould I win the lottery, I would order something (or things) but even though the site is massive, some items will sell out before you have a chance to order them. True eye candy, Dragonfly and Amber is a lovely store to visit or even buy from. And Peachland is a quaint little town that’s been a getaway for city people for a hundred years.

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