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Hit and Run, and Gang Killings

A couple were killed walking home on Saturday, by an 18-year-old driver, possibly drinking and speeding, who then tried to run from the scene by leaping into False Creek. (False Creek is indeed false and only a puddle really.) The police dogs tracked him down.

And on the news they talk about how that 18-25 year range of male drivers tend to have the highest accident rate because they take bigger risks. That poor couple don’t get another chance. Their lives are stopped short and early. The driver will. A speaker today said that BC has some of the toughest driving measures for getting a license and it has dropped deaths caused by young drivers by 20%. The accidents have cost the province $1.6 billion dollars.

So here’s one suggestion to get young people from driving like crazy maniacs while drinking. Make public transport more accessible. This is one of my pet peeves. Take some of that $1.6 billion and run the SkyTrain later than 12:30 am on weekends especially. Make it reliable and frequent. Run other buses that will take people from the bars. Taxis are too expensive for almost everyone so TransLink and ICBC and the city should get together and figure out that alternative ways of getting home after being at the bar will save lives and dollars. Make it part of the infrastructure.

For that couple and all the people killed by cars every week, it doesn’t make much difference. Such a waste, because someone wants to speed and show off and be tough or sexy or whatever power they think driving fast imbues. But we can also blame car manufacturers that put out numerous ads equating speed with sex and cool. Zoom zoom zoom. Just look at a billboard or an ad on TV and you know what I’m talking. Since Canada successfully sued the tobacco industry for health costs with cancer, maybe it’s time to sue the car companies for encouraging unsafe driving.

The other half of people dying this week in Greater Vancouver is the six shootings in seven days of various organized crime/gangster members. Brazen shootings in broad daylight in malls. So far, no one innocent (as in, not involved in these gangs) has been hit but that doesn’t negate last year’s rampage of gang shootings where several innocent men were murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I cannot imagine the horror of what they had to endure in those last moments. And of course their families and loved ones will pay the price forever of organized crime.

The only good thing about the shootings it that they’re eliminating themselves but there will always be other scum that rises to the top, the shooter that lives. If I had my way I’d punt them all to the moon without spacesuits. But I don’t, and the police aren’t having as much luck tracking them down.

I’ve said it before; I hate this type of growing up that Vancouver has had to face. Sure, every city has murders but we could still count them under 100. They were crimes of violence and passion but still few and very rare. The gangland shootings are almost doubling our numbers and innocent people are getting hurt. Shootings in malls? I’d like us to go back to the little granola city where the pace is slow and we have more restaurants than days in the year.

I’ll happily sign any petition that gets rid of these guys. It’s never good news if organized crime is involved. Police are asking people to deny service to known gang members. Not a bad idea. Like days of old, a tribe would ostracize a member who committed a terrible crime, ignoring them like they didn’t exist. These outcasts usually moved on or died of loneliness.


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Errr, Bachelorette Parties?

Well, I was going to write on something completely different today and really, I’m in perfect turmoil about actually giving more air time to this guy named Roissy http://roissy.wordpress.com/2008/08/11/i-hate-bachelorette-parties/. However, I happened to read his blog and had several thoughts of my own.

The guy knows how to use his words to incite, inflame and I suppose invigorate his readers (imagine manly men  here). He has some points about bachelorette parties where women do stupid games and become sexually suggestive/aggressive. But yikesorama, how oh how, does this paint these particular guys who cheer Roissy, bed a different woman every night, and eschew marriage as being in a better light?

Here are a few examples of the male superiority exhibited in this blog: All I want to do when I see the girl wearing the white veil is shoot a load of my hot spunk in her hair until she’s crying that I’ve ruined her $300 wedding coif. Wow… Your hot spunk. Well that’s obviously the more highbrow response that in no way whatsoever is as immature and animalistic as what these women do.

He goes on to say that bachelorette parties come in two types: the bride is the hottest in the bunch or the ugliest. Maybe he should stop looking at everything through his Roissy colored beer glasses. Don’t get me wrong; I have never been out on such a low grade, cheesy bachelorette party (a lot seem to take place in Texas?) and they’re tacky but when he says, In my experience, bachelorette parties are dead-ends for pickup, it sounds an awful lot like, wah wah, sour grapes that I can’t find a bride to be to screw right now and add another notch to my studly belt.

I’ve written erotica and edited for erotic publishers but I learned a new word today: cockblocking; when a woman’s friend stops her drunken buddy from going off to screw with any dog boy looking for a place to put his bone. I guess I just don’t frequent those high class joints with women rubbing crotch to crotch with guys, or where guys are down on the ground with their noses up everyone’s skirts. (Thank god!)

Here is where I think Roissy is actually trying on purpose and fairly obviously to incite his readers. He’s probably married with children but likes to stir the pot from his armchair: There is no good reason for a girl who is about to vow sexual fidelity to the man she loves for the rest of her life to suck from a veiny penis-shaped straw and dare horny drunk men to bite candies from the necklace nestled in her cleavage. (The bachelor party is perfectly acceptable because men sacrifice a lot more when they get married.)  Excuse me while I laugh at this ludicrous image. Women should of course be chaste and sweet and at home cooking and warming the man’s slippers/bed and never have a wild moment, but men…well men are supposed to thump their chests, scratch their large and pendulous balls and swing from the trees picking up every Jane and giving her a good fuck to confirm their manly virility even if they are going to be shackled to one woman for the rest of their lives. Because they lose soooo much more. Personally, low class girls and low class guys (as exhibited in Roissy’s tales) deserve each other.

Roissy does wisely say: Word to the wise: $20K on an engagement ring won’t banish the inner whore from your dearly beloved. Save your money. And likewise, the guy who does or doesn’t have his engagement/wedding ring on is also playing with his inner whore. Somehow it’s always a woman who is a slut, whore, skank if she sleeps around, but a man…oh he’s just being manly and sewing his oats. It’s too bad Roissy’s most riled up because these types of women act exactly like the men he likes to hang out with. Looking in the mirror is sometimes a bit of an eye opener, isn’t it?

In my book, skanky bachelor and bachelorette parties that have the soon to be married trawling bars for cheap sex thrills tells me these people have too many doubts to be getting married. And friends that egg them on…aren’t really friends. But there is one big saving grace in Roissy’s blog and many of the commenters; they hate marriage. Hopefully this will keep them from breeding and making more egotistical men and women who think their world is a better place of crotch cruising.

Me, I guess I’ll just keep going to the places that actually seem to have people in them, that have neither bachelor nor bachelorette parties. Sure there are always the guys out to get laid (and women too) but anyone with any sense can usually figure that out and decide if it’s a good venture. There are classier ways to do it than fingering someone at the bar too. And yeah, I now feel superior about my attitude but only because I like to think that I have taste.


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