I love the variety of the world. It amazes me constantly on how beautiful and intricate our world is. How nature brought so many different species into being. It astounds me what humankind has managed to create. How inventive are our minds. Yet it saddens me to see that we can extrapolate our spatial concepts and build the most amazing structures and machinery, and yet we won’t extrapolate to the future. How can we be so small, petty, selfish, uncaring and horrific? And yet, how can we be so loving, compassionate, creative and all-encompassing? We are truly a paradox.

But nature; spring is my favourite time of year. The transition from dormancy and the bland colours of a sleeping earth to a kaleidoscope of flowers and growth. I love that change. But then summer comes along and I love it too. I’m not so much a fall or winter person as cold and decay don’t appeal as much. Hiking is a a great pastime, which I do not get to participate in enough.

I appreciate the natural, flowing clean sculptural lines of bones. I have a small collection of them; they aren’t decay but the foundation of life and death. I have wolf, raven, bear, fox, coyote, dog, cat, horse, dear, snake, ram–the only complete skeleton is the cat, from some old science exhibit. In fact, I’m quite fascinated by science, how the world changes to how the universe works.

Dancing is perhaps the one thing that is an inherent part of my life and spirituality. I can never dance enough and don’t get enough dancing. If you live in Vancouver, I teach beginning bellydance in East Vancouver on Monday evenings, 6:30-8:00.

I would like to develop my wine snobbery, better known as my palate. My goals are to go back to Ireland or go to Greece, and Spain, and Italy, and… I also want to take kickboxing, dance more, see more art (dance, exhibits, plays, concerts) and maybe get into painting which I haven’t done since high school. And I envision editing my own anthology or magazine at some point. I’m getting closer to that goal.

Why do I write? Because I must. It is as integral to me as breathing. The pieces I write here are for the most part whatever catches my interest in the week. I do a bit of research but usually write them and post them on the day. Once in a whlie, I write the articles up a day or two before but tend to try and post during the week.

(Always in progress…)