WordPress Takes Another Unfortunate Page From Facebook

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Thanks, WordPress, for doing it again, with no instructions. Creative Commons attribute.

It’s amazing how various companies feel the need to constantly refresh and rearrange their look, their feel, their software. Every new version of Microsoft seems worse than the one before but uses way more memory so you have to constantly upgrade your hardware. It’s a make-work project. How do you employ thousands of people if you create something so awesomely efficient that someone never needs to buy another piece? Planned obsolescence and inefficiencies are part of the market model, which in the long run, is unsustainable, uses up resources and burdens landfills.

While I’m not surprised by this, I am constantly annoyed. I hate Facebook for its unending changes, and  sneaky tweakings of policies so that while you have never intended to sell your soul to the devil, a legal spindoctor has suddenly changed it so that if you didn’t say, I don’t want to sell my soul to the devil, then you’re automatically in hell. Oh wait, Facebook is hell. Google has done similar tricky business.


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Fresh Pressed was dynamic, colorful and right there for easy access.

And WordPress, alas! Why oh why? Let’s see, what was once good, and what changes have appeared, without any instruction or direction to the new design? Remember Fresh Pressed? You’d sign in and get a page of highlighted “pressed” blogs for the week. The page was colorful and interesting, dynamic because it always changed. (Hey WordPress, one of the first rules of websites is to make them dynamic. What have you done?) I found blogs that I follow because of Fresh Pressed. Now, it’s tucked away in some spider-infested corner and I never see a new blog anymore unless I go hunting.

Then there was that change a year or two ago. Ooh, sleek, ooh, simple. So simple in fact that I couldn’t find my way into my blog, to making posts and to checking stats. Why? Because WordPress decided to make a teeny tiny W icon that you have to click on, like the secret hidden pathway behind a bookcase, but way not as much fun. And let me tell you, when I tried using WordPress help it was like talking to a robot that said the same things but never read my question. It was another blogger who finally pointed out the miniscule icon.

One good thing was more developed stats. I could scroll over the graph and see what day I had posted, how many people visited one page and how many people looked at multiple pages. Now. Well, I have good old-fashioned retro bars that just show how many people in a day have visited. Yeah simple. Boring. The maps are still there and that’s a good thing but Wordpess, bring back the old way.

Wordpress annoyance, blog page

Soon you will need to follow a trail of breadcrumbs to find WordPress.

And of course with the new year, presto! Yet another new freaking look and no way to find my blog. Sure, I can find blogs I follow, and I can find my profile. I can’t find comments from readers. I can’t find the useful sidebar and all the tools to write a post. I can find a blog window to write in and only by going back to the CLASSIC design have I been able to do what I’ve always done. Post pictures, highlight text, add tags, approve comments. Really, WordPress, that’s why it’s classic. It works.

I was going to post about the unfortunate array of what classifies as dating, or about my work on the Viking longboat. And yes, I will be posting about both of those, and a long list of writing achievements. But right now, I’m expressing my annoyance at WordPress thinking they’ll be one of the cool kids if they just continue to mix things up. Don’t follow Facebook’s example. Don’t be like Microsoft, which has increased the sales of Apple products. WordPress won’t listen to me. I guess this is just a cautionary tale. :/



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6 responses to “WordPress Takes Another Unfortunate Page From Facebook

  1. Great Commentary, and I’m 100% in Agreement with You. Would you mind if I Re-Blogged it? (Myself, I’ve never even bothered with Facebook, Twitter, and …Google…I can’t even remember why, but I’ve had an email account w/ them over 12 yrs., at least, (back then, they didn’t seem so “evil,” but now, with Google having its grubby little hands in every conceivable pot, it’s hard to avoid it. Even my Alma Mater’s “Prestigious,” “Lifetime Professional” “”dot edu” email address, turned out to be simply a Disguised Google plus Email Address. The same happens w/ many Websites, which “appear” to be just http…..com, but in reality, are Facebook pages. It annoys me so…!

    As for Microsoft driving Customers to Apple, lest you’re unaware, may I Inform you that, for at least seven years, or so, Microsoft Owns a Significant portion of Apple–I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someday the two were to merge into a third company. Hmm., I wonder what Name it’d adopt? “Macsoft;” “Micrapple;” “Applesoft;” “Amicropplesoft;” “Microppaseloft…” You get the Idea. (Either way, the way Apple’s dizzying OS changes, could just as well lead it to a giant “crash & burn” event, leaving a Vacuum for yet another Operating System–hopefully a better than either, to find its way In). And just to qualify my Comments (re: Apple), I’ve been using Apple products exclusively for nearly 25 years, and to me, at least it was Never a matter of what was “cool” or “Trendy,” but practical. Perhaps I’ll write the whole story about it in a future blog 😉

    • colleenanderson

      Yes, I know it’s a big incestuous world out there. Car makers own oil companies, cell phone companies own the smaller cell phone companies, which makes you think there is healthy competition when really they’re all in the same bed. You should write the blog about Apple. 🙂

  2. Perhaps you will find this link of interest. It has a link to some workarounds, an exploration of the likely cause behind this nuisance, links to other sources of protest and some of things we can do to combat the present direction (WP staff have said there will be more).

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