Sexual Segregation in Food

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Would Hannibal like his man pies with a side of fava beans?

There are brilliant marketing ideas and then really bad ones, such as lingerie football. The newest one that caught my attention was “Man Pies.” I’m afraid that when I first heard this term I thought of something akin to cowpies but made by humans. Then I thought of some delicacy that Sweeney Todd would make and a cannibal would like, manpies. Yum yum.

But no, this isn’t some wacky horror tale; it’s story tale of marketing gone wrong. But hey, maybe I’m wrong, maybe these man pies are made by men and someone thought that was a good idea for a name. The team of man pie makers consists of creator Bryce Sharp, Amy Burn and Daniel Henry. People often think some names are great without really sounding them out or looking at them from different perspectives. Besides the unfortunate associations of this name, there is a worse undercurrent to the reference.

man pies, food, meat pies, cooking, savory, cannibals, meat, bad marketing

What a man pie really looks like.

But what, I’m sure you’re asking, exactly are man pies? They’re meat pies, plain andsimple. The company is out of Bellingham and uses locally raised ingredients. These pies include such delectables as Indian Curry, Spicy Pork and Beans and Roasted Zucchini and Eggplant pies, to name a few. While the site shows healthy and the mouth watering pies, I’m a little aghast at the suggestion here that these pies have to be so named to get men to eat them. I first heard about this company on the radio and at least that’s the thrust the announcers gave. Make manly pies for manly men, because you know, men are just not gonna want to eat cream pies or lemon meringue. Really? Really? What, are these pies too girly and fluffy for real men to eat?

While I’m sure this company is doing really well with their wholesome and delicious pies, I really wonder at the need to bring the genders into food. Next we’ll see Girl Cakes, Woman Waffles, and Boy Burgers. Yikes! Seriously, folks, while you’re making a great product, you probably want to keep the cannibals away. Tasty food is great, but marketing in poor taste doesn’t help.


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4 responses to “Sexual Segregation in Food

  1. Have you heard of Mancakes bakery in Coquitlam? Now you have!

  2. Bunny Eats Design

    Meat pies are a staple here in New Zealand and there is nothing manly about them here. Men and women and children tuck into our pies on a daily basis.

    I guess other countries where the word “pie” can refer to sweet or fruit pies, then a “man pie” may differentiate the two. Here in NZ, if you say you ate a “pie”, it 99% of the time, it means you ate a mince (ground beef) and cheese pie.

    I have eaten a “man pie” at least once a week. For most of my life.

  3. This is Bryce Sharp, the owner of Man Pies. For the record, most of the time there are about as many women as men making pies. The name is meant to imply “Pies for Mankind!” as intimated by our slogan “One small price for man, one delicious Pie for mankind!”. As an interesting side note, men particularly from 25-35 think the name “Man Pies” refers to something dirty or gross often I have been asked if we are a gay bar, while the majority of woman think it’s cute. I have regular women customers that have had to drag their husbands, brothers or guy friends in kicking and screaming. There is no sexual subtext to the name.

    P.s. once you eat one, you will no longer be the least concerned about the name.

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