Vanity Gone Too Far: Genital Bleaching

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Perhaps a strategically placed flashlight would work just as well. From:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’re worrying about bleaching parts of your nether regions then you need to get your head out of those areas and go smell the flowers. And I mean that literally. Some of you might be wondering what I’m talking about.

There has been a prevalence in recent years for some people to bleach their anuses. Yes, truly. It seems it was something that porn stars did to enhance an overall skin tone  for the camera. Where else are you going to have bright lights shining down upon your genitalia, except maybe in the doctor’s office? But somehow, some vapid, silly people got it into their heads that human beings should be of one even color, even the places where the light don’t shine. They think everyone comes airbrushed like Playboy model pictures, porn stars and people in the movies who are lit, pomaded and dressed to look perfect.

We can of course blame media, the internet and the hyper sexualization for this offense. Why yes, I hope to be judged on the color of my butthole because obviously my intelligence matters least of all, then my personality, then my face. Yes yes, let’s prove who is the biggest ass; it’s those who worry about the color of their skin to the most minute degree. I would say that only white people do this because otherwise it would be a bright and shining star in a very odd place, but guess what? Other races or people of darker skin tones worry about lightening all of their skin. They want to be of a lighter tone. Michael Jackson was a fine example of taking the removal of skin pigmentation too far. If you’re bleaching your butthole, there are more things wrong with you than skin tone, unless you plan on being a porn star.

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Because black people want to be white? What's wrong with this beautiful woman's skin tone? Nothing. From:

Have I mentioned that anal whitening has also spread to the vagina? Oh yes, we want our labia bleached perfectly too. People might get certain skin conditions such as varicose veins or the redness of rosacea taken care of. That’s one thing and those conditions have other complications. But a human’s skin tone is not a condition; it’s part of nature’s pattern. Seriously, I have heard fewer things more ludicrous than bleaching genitalia, and any person who is more concerned about the color and tone of my genitals and anus is more of an ass than I care to talk to. I wont even get into the dangers of bleaching areas of such delicate nature. Clearly the people doing this have no idea that humans are made of varying textures and tones of skin, wrinkles, creases, dimples, beauty marks and birthmarks, moles and other differences. We are a landscape, not a blank canvas.

Once upon a time we worried about a good fit with someone as a partner. We also tried to fight racism and judging someone based on the color of their skin. We used to contemplate our navels. Now we’re contemplating asses.


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12 responses to “Vanity Gone Too Far: Genital Bleaching

  1. Whoa. I am intrigued… and a little disturbed. When I was in China, I saw a surplus of facial bleaching products. That’s one thing – and while I don’t necessarily agree with it, it is not quite as shocking as genital bleaching. And anycase, I thought the western trend was tanning, not bleaching. I’m so confused. I’d also be interested in the health risks associated. I can’t imagine that a bleaching agent can be particularly healthy for the genital epithelium.

  2. Nick

    When it comes to cosmetic enhancements, there is no principled means of differentiating between “reasonable” enhancements and unreasonable ones. Why are women socially required to scrape their legs and axillae (at the very, very least) with dangerous metal implements? What constitutes “normal” grooming, and when does grooming cross the line into the pathological? Leaving out Michael Jackson, good luck with that one. If someone wants to bleach their butt hole, labia, scrotum or glans, who’s to quibble? I couldn’t be bothered, personally, but for those who are so inclined, have at it.

  3. Ava

    You make a good point, really. But if you say we should follow nature’s pattern, than why are we pressured to shave legs, wax, be tanned, be thin and all that. I would bleach my genitalia because it would make me feel vibrant, sexy and the main purpose would be obviously sexual, not so much because I desire to be a porn star haha! I’m quite witty, socially average and so on, you aren’t necessarily a vain idiot for wanting to enhance something private on your body. People like to feel pretty sometimes, thats natural.

    • colleenanderson

      Yes, humans like pretty things and to feel attractive. But someone who feels they have to modify their nether bits to get a man or a woman really does not have their priorities straight. Nor does the person who looks for that as a perfect mate. And then there are the police after the G8 in Toronto who arrested women because they had unshaved legs and backpacks, because obviously they had to be protestors, insurgents or terrorists.

      • Andrew

        It’s about attraction and feeling beautiful. Why do we colour/style our hair? Because it makes us feel more attractive, youthful, sporty, sexy whatever… how is this any different to changing the colour of one’s skin tone? I think you’re taking a very purist stance. For very sexually active people, having attractive looking genitalia may be no different to having a new hairdo, painting ones fingernails or having your belly button pierced. You could even argue that it is a form of individual expression which should be allowed to be expressed. I agree with Nick. If you want to shave your head, pierce your tongue or lighten your anus then have at it! If it makes you feel good about yourself and doesnt harm anyone else, who are we to judge?

      • colleenanderson

        That worked so well for Michael Jackson. It’s one thing to feel good about oneself. It’s another thing to be obsessed with fixing everything on the human body that makes us human. People caught up in getting their labia resized because a boyfriend doesn’t like its look or to white their butthole to please others is not about confidence in oneself but about fearing what every single person thinks. There’s a healthy level of self care and an unhealthy one and I will still maintain this goes too far.

  4. I can get what your saying, If we should stick to natures plan then we as humans should be happy with our body hair our natural skin tone( NO MORE TANNING) stop dieting let our natural hair color grow out. Who’s to say what is acceptable and what isn’t and what we can and can’t do with out bodies?

    • Anany

      Thank you! OP, calm down. I can understand your pov slightly, but everyone’s take on “too much” is different. I’d do it. I’m confident now, but I’d do it for me. It the same thing as a Brazilian. Maintaining the goodies

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  6. Gina

    I am married and have 3 kids. I was looking into ways to spice up the sex life and came across the genital bleaching. I talked to my husband about it and he doesn’t care either way. I want to do it just to feel sexy and turn him on. Who knows, maybe in the privacy of our home we could record ourselves. If we do, I sure would rather see pretty pink private parts. I don’t think it’s too much at all.

  7. Happygurl

    I hv darkened inner thighs and it really bothers me; looks disgusting in swimwear, and my husband is also wondering why it is tht way: so while I would not use this type of product on private parts, it is interesting to use them on my problem areas.

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