Another Stupid Way to Objectify Women

lingerie football, sexism, discrimination, chauvinism, objectification, women's sports

Women are still the butt of society’s joke. Creative Commons: John Pozadzides flickr

The news recently reported that Vancouver would be subjected to a new sport. Well, not really a new sport but played a new way. Lingerie Football. I do not kid you. It seems that the only way for women to actually get to play the sport is take off their clothes. The organizer, a man, was most serious about how these women had sports skills (they could run, they could throw) but really, if you have half-disrobed them what exactly are you hoping people will watch?

Is this the only way that people will watch women’s sports, if they’re objectified and showing titillating bits of flesh? One friend said, “Well, they have a choice in joining, don’t they?” He couldn’t see anything wrong in this. Let’s look at a few problems: if you happen to be the best runner or catcher ever but you’re a stocky woman, or not particularly beautiful, or missing the right curves for wearing skimpy underwear on the field, do you think you’ll be picked to play football? Is there even a woman’s team anywhere where they get to wear the protective football uniform? What else is wrong? Oh yeah, let’s go look at the sex kittens. Who cares if they can run or throw a ball; we’re not going to take them seriously anyway.

Sure, a woman can choose to join or not but it’s not putting this on par with men’s football, nor will it be considered a serious game. To think this is the only way women can play football galls me. Sure, women will volunteer for this. Many of us will do a lot for money. Sure, they’re not being forced, but a woman might wear a burka but not be forced to because it’s been drummed into her head that she should cover up (or be uncovered) while men can do as they please. It doesn’t make it right. I do not agree with any group that decides men and women should be allowed different rights. If this is the way football is going to be, then make the men run around in jock straps and runners only.

lingerie football, sexism, discrimination, chauvinism, objectification, women's sports

Men’s football gets shoulder pads, but women’s gets cleavage as well. Housey Lei, Design You Trust

Oh and let’s talk about the ludicrous, sexist costumes. They’re wearing uniform bikinis, I suppose,with runners, shoulder and knee padsand helmets. And then to make the utmost of stupidity and objectification there are adjustable garters (the straps for holding up stockings) and a garter around the leg. The men who organized this should be ashamed but they’re too idiotic to understand that this continues to put women in a category where even the police have said, don’t dress provocatively or you’ll get raped. The last is based on a real example in Canada and was yet another example of how the blame is placed with the woman.

The organizers are businessmen of course, exploiters of people, and they see it as a great money-making venture, as pimps always do. Now do not get me wrong, women and men should be able to dress up or down or sexy as they please. But it shouldn’t be a requirement for a place to work, as it often is. (Do the women at one of your restaurants/bars have to wear tight/short/skimpy/low-cut clothes as part of their “uniform?”)  Are there any men working the same job? This is just yet another case of where society considers women nothing but sexual victims (whether for rape or exploitation or coveted possessions). It’s not right and it certainly isn’t harmless. Any other job and it would be grounds for sexual discrimination or harassment. Consider that.

This makes me very angry and I would hope people would boycott it but I’ve found the masses to be self-centered, unthinking and as stupid as the organizers. Next up, watch for burka baseball or some other version of women sexually exploited for your viewing pleasure.


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9 responses to “Another Stupid Way to Objectify Women

  1. What ? You have a problem with bimbo’s exploiting their own selves. Exactly who is exploiting who? Looks to me like those women are making an independent choice to make fools of themselves. And you hope people boycott this? Lady you have issues you need to deal with. Sounds to me like you might be a bit jealous. Get over it lady. People are responsible for their own choices in life.

    • colleenanderson

      Sigh. Spoken like someone who actually didn’t really read the post. Oh well, what can you expect?

      • Oh I read your post twice just to be sure. I do apologize for being so harsh in my first comment. People choose to work under certain conditions. You, for whatever reason don’t seem to accept that idea. Why does it bother you so much?

      • colleenanderson

        Because I’m an egalitarian and I believe in equal rights for all, regardless of skin color, sex, age, race or religion. Equal, not one above the other.

    • Toby

      You make a compelling case, sir. This is why we urgently need to repeal minimum wage and child labour laws. If those four year old orphans independantly to work 16 hour days as chimney sweeps for a dollar a day, who are we to say that they’re being exploited? Really, aren’t they kind of exploiting us?

      • It seems a bit cruel to be using children as chimney sweep although I have found that the skinnier they are the more efficient they are while scrubbing inside the chimney. I think the cruelty aspect kicks in when the child is lowered too deep and they tend to get stuck in the flue opening.

  2. Colleen Vince

    There is a weird conversation going on in the Roller Derby Community. There is a segment of the Derby community that says it hypocritical for derby girls to complain about LFL when Derby is by its nature well represented in sex appeal and skimpy clothing. I see the difference being… you could be an awesome football player, but if your not attractive enough you don’t get to play in LFL. If you are super hot, but not a good derby player you will probably passed over for a girl that is less “hot” that has the skills. Do you think a great team player like Suzy Shameless from the Terminal City Roller Girls would even get in the door for LFL tryouts…

    If Derby girls dress sexy its cause they want to dress sexy, not because its mandated.

    • It’s funny, I play roller derby too and I was *JUST* talking about this exact same thing. The two of us were discussing the LFL v Derby…I was trying to explain to him why it’s different and how it sucks for women to ONLY get the chance to be athletic if they are half naked. These LFL ladies are AMAZING athletes; it just sucks that being eye fodder is the only wayany of us women can get people to pay attention to us in sports :/

  3. WhitneyCarter

    I agree this isn’t cool. It distracts from women who are serious about playing the sport, as well as objectifies. And we’re not “jealous.” We’re concerned about the serious impact something like this has on women and girls. Can you imagine how the young girls who have an interest in playing football, or any sport for that matter, are seeing something like this? This says plainly: This sport is not about your skills as an athlete; it’s about how good you look.

    When women are not provided the same amount of respect and opportunity as men, that lack opens the door for cheapened versions that we’re expected to make do with. Case in point, the female uniforms here and in the work environments Colleen mentioned that do not have male equivalents.

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