My Other Creative Brain

Mermaid's Dream pin

Creativity comes first, then creating in a specific field second. While I write and that is my main creative venture, I have also acted, I bellydance and I create jewellery. Sometimes when my brain stalls on the writing front, working with my hands loosens the thinking muscle. After a while I was making so much jewellery and not wearing it that I had to do something with it.

Clay, bone, vintage wood beads, glass

So, today, I’ll just post a few pictures of that side, since I’m preparing to do a craft fair in a few weeks and it’s the only side of my brain getting any exercise. I do beading and try to make unique designs, something slightly unusual. These are one-of-a-kind,  and I use a mixture of vintage beads, glass, crystal, wood, bone and crystal. I don’t use plastic unless there is a particularly unique bead and I just try to think on the nonclassic lines. There are enough high-end semi-precious stone and silver necklaces out there, which are beautiful but why glut the market.

If you’re in Vancouver on Dec. 3 or 4, stop by the Imaginarius Fantasticusat Tinseltown, where my goods will be on sale, under the name of Haul of the Mountain King. The theme is fantasy, fairies, goth, steampunk or renaissance.

Three tier turquoise & purple

Under the Sea bracelet

Lampwork or vintage glass and silver/pewter.

Hematite, glass, pewter, triple tier necklace

Lampwork beads, silver, pewter

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