Plenty of Fish is For Suckers

There are many dating sites out there and some are better than others. Some of course are better for one person over another depending on how it’s set up and what you’re looking for. Of the ones I’ve tried Plenty of Fish was pretty much a stagnant sea. I had a male friend who liked it though because he called it Plenty of F**ks. He wanted one-night stands and women were happy to comply. I didn’t want that, so it wasn’t that good. In fact, I found communication with potentials lacking so completely that I decided to not just inactivate my account but delete it.


Plenty of Fish=plenty of leeches

That was over two years ago. I removed my profile, but I was still getting notices. I removed it again, went deeper in and tried to remove it all the way to the bone. I deleted the account, which means I shouldn’t exist in POF’s database anymore. That seemed to do it, so I thought. But oddly, when they were hacked a couple of months back I got warnings about changing my password. WTF? I sent them an email saying I had no idea what my password was anymore, and to remove me from their site as I had already done this once. I got another computer generated message, and another, and another.

I sent messages each time that bounced back to me. Yes, this was their customer service email. Some customer service. I sincerely hope no one pays for this crap. This last week I’ve received three emails with my “matches” even though I no longer have an account according to their deletion instructions. I’ve sent them two cease and desist emails and let me tell you, it’s not easy. You have to go to their website and dig around. There is something that actually says “contact us”, but if you click on the header that says “Delete/Hide My Account” you get nothing. Oh sorry, you get more little messages telling you what to do but you don’t get to send them an email. Click again, yet another layer of message.

When you finally find a way in to to send an email, you get no answer as I can attest with the ones I’ve sent. I shouldn’t have to deactivate an account I deleted over two years ago. Here’s what they say about getting rid of the notification messages:

I do not want any more email notifications.

You can stop message notifications (sent out when you get a message) in Mail Settings. Unfortunately you cannot stop the “latest match” emails usually sent out on Mondays – if these are a problem we’ll delete your account upon request.

Oddly enough I’ve asked POF at least four times to delete me permanently. And try to find a place to contact them to do this deletion. It’s a blatant lie. I have received neither an answer nor a deletion from the continual messages. And of course, I can’t delete my account because I no longer know my username or password. I finally had to email for it again and you have to go through many messages of “wait, don’t go” to get to deleting, if it works. My next step will be to see if I can charge them with harassment, and report them to any place or regulatory body I can. If you know of any such bodies on this, and on them storing my information after I expressly deleted it, let me know.

But for your own sakes, do not ever join up with Plenty of Fish. Obviously they treat their clients as suckers and you’ll have better luck getting barnacles off your ship than these leeches off your back. My rating on this dating site: -5. Stay far away.
Addendum: here it is Feb. 22, nearly a year after this post. I did send a letter to the Privacy Commissioner last year and received a letter back saying it didn’t fall in their jurisdiction but to try the provincial Privacy Commissioner. I was going to toss the letter as I thought POF had stopped harassing me and guess what, last week more spam from POF. They will go against the law and keep your information forever because they probably know how hard it is to track down even who to send this to.


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  1. Joy

    I had the same issues. I finally gave up and blocked anything they sent me as spam and I dont see the messages anymore to piss me off. I guess I didnt look as hard as u to find the delete area or even the deactivate area! Not that it mattered really as u found out. Other sites delete u after a year of inactivity so maybe i’m not there anymore! (crosses my fingers)

  2. Kevin

    Interesting that POF is considered by some to stand for Plenty of F*cks. That certainly wasn’t my experience. That particular epithet more correctly should be applied to Craigslist under the ‘Services’ section. Granted, one has to pay for such services, but even so it’s way cheaper than marriage.

    • Shelley

      Hi Kevin,

      I just read your comment on Plenty of F**ks I agree with you I was there for a few months and only ever got losers chatters no shows or USERS.. I gave up.. I just not tried after nearly a yr off the site to go back in and it keeps telling me that i am not in their database whats with that do you know??? maybe its the Lords way of telling me to stay off there.. 🙂

      • Leanne

        I wish i never went on that site, just a bunch of people looking for sex. I got reported by men who got offended in my lack of interest to “hook up” and my account was removed. I know they reported me because they would send me obscene messages and threats of reporting me, pof obviously does not investigate or they would have found i had done nothing wrong. They automatically remove accounts after so many reports on the same user, and that is ridiculous. I never misused the site. I think God is talking to me as well. It was getting frustrating trying to find people on there who are actually trying to find a relationship.

  3. Barb Myatt

    HELP. I’m having the same problems. I’ve gone to the delete site five times and am still getting notifications. I HATE IT. We have a better business bureau, is there now someplace to contact for computer harassment? I don’t know what to do. I’ve even tried threatening them on “reply”.

    Barb Myatt

  4. Kari

    Thank you for sharing your experience and for the warning never to join POF. I guess I’m lucky, not long ago I *almost* joined, but changed my mind in the last minute. I was filling out my profile, and came to the point where I’m supposed to write a little blurb about myself. But then I got an uneasy feeling about the site … and decided not to proceed.

    Fortunately, since my profile never became active (because I didn’t submit the profile for review), I was able to successfully delete my account. As I was going through the steps to deactivate/delete my account, I couldn’t help but laugh along the way … ridiculous, patronizing messages such as “Are you fustrated [sic]?” “Do you feel fustrated [sic] because you haven’t met someone?” “Don’t be fustrated [sic]!” Basically they’re begging me to stay, in a rather unintelligent way, and making it sound like it’s my fault for not having any luck on the site. I bet POF makes it seemingly impossible (for women especially) to deactivate/delete their accounts because they NEED an inventory of women to be the “bait” for men. Well, thanks but no thanks, I’m one woman who won’t ever find myself lured into joining such a shameful site.

    • It’s not just women that have this issue. I met up with one person from pof… The person was total misrepresentation of what was claimed on the site I promptly tried deleting my images and information before deleting the account. This was in 2009. I’m still getting emails today… 4 years later

      • colleenanderson

        I would think that if POF is into invading our privacy that they really don’t care about gender at all. They’re doing it to everyone on their site. Again, if you can, document it and write the privacy commissioner. POF is based out of British Columbia but if you’re in the US I’m not sure how you approach this.

  5. Holly

    I too had the unfortunate experience of being unable to delete my profile from plenty of fish. It’s terrible that pof “contact us” message box has a special field for emails titled, SOMETHINGS WRONG but there is no reply acknowledging that something is wrong. AS well as attempting to delete my profile I attempted to simply delete my photograph and detail information but was disallowed from editing the profile in this way. Would a class action suit apply to the damages caused by having a personal photograph displayed in a setting where permission for use has been terminated? I wonder… It sucks- goes to show, sometimes you get more than what you bargain for- And since the site is free- the hassles are thrown in

    • colleenanderson

      It is indeed illegal and a class action suit might be a way to go.

      • Karron

        So please help me understand so I’m very clear you deleted your account and it comes back on its own? How were you able to log in? I’ve deleted mine and have never had it come back I’ve tried many way to reactivate it an can not. So when yours popped back up on line were you then able to just open it as if it was never closed?

      • colleenanderson

        It’s been a while from when this post was written, but yes, I deleted everything and POF reactivated it and it was viewable. I certainly was no happy with that.

  6. joe

    I love how people sign up for free sites that are paid for by spam advertising, then complain about getting spammed by them, and really all you have to do is block the plentyoffish domain in your email and you will never get a message from them, instead of sending random emails to the free pof site hoping that they pay someone to deal with it.

  7. Christine

    I am having the same issue right now!! This is the 5th email I sent them this week that I had to send to their PR guy because it’s the only email address that I can find anywhere…

    I’m so sorry to be contacting you regarding this issue- but I have tried to submit my problem through the site, and once I click submit to contact the site- it states that I must log into the forum and discuss this issue on there. This is not a public issue, nor do I have my login information as my account was deleted (by me). However, if you could PLEASE help me and pass this issue onto the appropriate party I would greatly appreciate it.

    I emailed your customer service department a few days ago concerning my account, I have attempted to retrieve my password using every single email address that I have ever had, and every time I type each of them in, it says that the email addresses are not found in the system. Why? Because the account was deleted!

    A few months ago, I deleted my profile. Unfortunately, it still shows up in searches and when you type my username into a search, it still comes up. I would like my profile erased from this site as I have patients harassing me about this site now. It is embarrassing me and I have a boyfriend who is not very happy about this.
    I’m at my wits end with this. I don’t know what to do anymore.
    The first email I sent, I got this response:
    Thank you for taking the time to email
    Our records indicated that you have closed your account. Thank you for using
    Unfortunately, once closed, an account cannot be restored. Please feel free to open a new account.


    POF Team

    OK…. so if my account is closed- why does it still show up? PLEASE fix this problem. You guys don’t even have a phone number listed anywhere for me to contact anyone regarding this. I don’t like this feeling at all.. I want my pictures and personal information removed IMMEDIATELY. Please contact me back.
    The email addresses that belong to me that I have tried are the following:
    Please help me!!!
    Thank you,

    • colleenanderson

      The only thing you can do is document it with emails and send a letter to the privacy commissioner. I tried this but with the federal one so you have to send to the privacy commissioner in British Columbia. Good luck. They are going against privacy laws when they keep your info but there seems to be little we can do.

  8. rique zisk

    when you set up any dating account especially for free, i always set up a separate email account… so when i am finished with the dating website, i also abandon my temporary email account.

  9. I was a member of POF until yesterday, i recieved a message from some girl making fun of me, saying i bet you never did any of the things you say you’ve done in your bio, making fun of my looks, quite vicious stuff she was saying, i sent her a message telling her to get a life, calling her a fat horrible bitch, she replied she was reporting me for that comment. I went to refresh my page and my account was gone……deleted!
    I never got an explination from POF why the account was gone, and i tried to register again and create a new account but it wouldn’t let me, i tried to contact POF but the emails won’t send to the address. It pisses me off.

    I found a lovely person on there, and now i’ve lost contact and cannot re-apply. Makes me sick some little unplesant swine can get me deleted when i did nothing wrong!

    • Someone

      Women on the site are ALLOWED to do whatever they please…this is due for many reasons…POF NEED to keep women on there….to lure men into joining. You do know Markus Friend gets $30 each time a registration occurs, and as with all dating sites, more men wil ljoin than women obviously.A lot of the women profiles are fake, created by the site using photos from well known galleries, and are obvous that they are fake..

  10. Guest

    I’m also a victim of POF holding onto my info after I deleted my account. I joined in January this year and deleted my account after two unsatisfactory weeks. Deleting was a hassle as OP described – jumping through hoops and sorting through pages full of text. Now the login page does not recognize my email address anymore and claims my account is gone, yet when I search my username online my profile still shows up, including portions of my “introduce yourself” info and the one photo that I was stupid enough to upload there (not a bad photo at all, but it’s ME and I don’t want to be affiliated with their site anymore!) I don’t really care about their spam messages because at least I had the foresight to give them my junk mail address. I also found my profile has been translated into Portuguese and a few other languages, still including my “introduce yourself” and photo.

    Let this be a lesson to everyone – do NOT use Plenty of Fish! They will steal your identity. And if you’re using any other dating sites, take heed — use a junk mail account, pick a name you do NOT use anywhere else online, and BEFORE you ask to delete your profile be sure to EMPTY IT MANUALLY including all photos and anything you’ve written.

    I am currently contacting google and bing requesting that the cached pages be deleted from their database as the info is outdated and is my rightful property – which I want gone. Google has removed a few pages with zero fuss and I have more waiting in the queue. After the cache is deleted your username can still be searched and will show up as a result, but no further info will be included – my “introduction” and photos have successfully been removed and should not show up for any future google searches EVER. Please do not hesitate to do the same if you are also a victim of POF.

    • Bria

      Hi This happened to me. How do I contact google about deleting my false profile that someone remade using all my info? Please let me now who I have to contact asap

  11. Andrew

    Yup, same problem here, totally crapl site and impossible to leave. I’m reporting all messages to Gmail as spam now and will probably have to block the emails now. It’s crazy. Markus sounds like quite a vain chap and the site design is a total joke.

  12. This site is only for people who want to cheat. Its a joke. Jeff lyon is not single he is married

    • Fury

      I agree with that. My husband got mad at me and got drunk the tried to find someone looking for a good time on pof. Good website to go to if you want a divorce!!

  13. SB

    I agree with all the negative reviews I’ve read on this site. My problem is that I still get porn spam from POF and have no idea how to stop it. Any ideas? Blocking won’t work (I’m told) because I have to block each address .

  14. Carter

    After being on Plenty of Fish for two days, I decided to become a paid member on 06/30/13.
    And took notice immediately after of changes that began happening to my profile.
    I was unable to access most of the paid upgrade membership perks. And the company was purposefully NOT following its own rules and policies. And forget about getting a helpful response from customer service. I began doing some research of complaints. And with each one I read, it only got worse.
    I noticed tons of victims of Plenty Of Fish which does have the “Perfect Bait.” I’m not alone.
    Victims attempting to look for love on a site that blocks both paid membership and unpaid memberships, for NO apparent reason. Scamming unsuspecting victims of their money.
    To past members who found out that Markus Frind allows his goons to post fake profiles with the pictures of those victims who were abruptly locked out of the site. And can’t get back in to protest removal. Having to be told by others their pictures are still actively on line without their knowledge or permission.

    As I cautiously read and reread the polices to be sure to keep my profile from being one of those deleted and blocked from reentering. I noticed that my profile pictures kept being deleted.
    Each one clearly showing the face of the profile user. Myself. A stipulation of the policy.
    It was impossible to determine what was acceptable and what was not. As I had already heard about the random termination of profiles that don’t abide by their rules. NONE of my pictures went against policy. Although I received many profile visits from users who did go against policy showing bare midriffs, non face pics, nude pictures of bodies, and genitals parts inappropriately dancing across my screen by non-paid members. With every attempt to flag these profiles and report each and every infraction nothing was done to correct it. I then noticed that my emails were being monitored.
    On more than one occasion my return emails to other members would disappear before my eyes.
    With the thousands of unpaid members that should have been monitored, I was being monitored carefully each and every day of the 4 days I had a paid membership. Careful not to infringe on policy.

    Taking notice that my whole profile was constantly being rearranged differently every time I returned.
    I realized that the profile that I created was NOT MY PROFILE. I requested help again.
    In the mean time, I gathered as much information of support that I could get my hands on, including dates, times, billing numbers, address, examples, etc. etc. Unfortunately, other dating sites are sister sites to POF who practice the same actions. Scam money from unsuspecting victims and terminate your account.

    Two days later, I received a threatening email from Markus Frind that I would only be reminded once for uploading pictures that did NOT have my face displayed clearly. And I responded by requesting information of how to get my money back. As I no longer wanted to be a member of a site that DOES NOT follow its own rules and policies, being selective to which profiles could and which profiles couldn’t continue their membership. And that I would dispute the transaction with my credit card company and advocate the Better Business Bureau continuously about the site, until someone hears me.

    I removed any pics that were left, and all information and left a Thank You, POF on my bare profile, before responding to his email. Eagerly watching and waiting to see how long it would take him to lock out yet another paid member. It didn’t take long. He terminated what was left of my profile AND took my money on July 4th, 2013. Four days later. As long as Markus Frind is paid, he doesn’t care who he scams. And has gotten away with it long enough.

    I will continually advocate every day and every week for as long as it takes, until POF is Shut Down permanetly for those who don’t have a voice as well as for myself. POF must be terminated just as the owner has terminated us. A Class Action Suit Is In Order. With NO plans to stop until it happens.

    For All Scammed Former POF Users: Please file a claim with your BBB to have you’re voice heard for your own piece of mind. Paid or unpaid members. (Speak and be heard.)
    Plenty Of Fish Media, Inc. 2625 555 W Hastings St Vancouver, BC V6B 4N5 – Headquarters.
    (A Canadian Co.)

    • Stephen Bosch

      I have found no fool-proof way to get this scam operation out of my life. The BBB has no enforcement power and my email will only let me block addresses, which change with every spam I get from them. I agree that a class action is the only way to go. All we need is a lawyer, which I am, but I’m now a Judge and can’t represent a class. Any other lawyers out there willing to take it on a contingent fee basis?

      • colleenanderson

        Merchant Law group seems to be the mastermind of most Canadian class action suits. I have written them but I suggest everyone else with a complaint against POF do the same so that they know there are many people dissatisfied. As well, you can write the privacy commissioner to register a complaint if they’ve retained your information after you deleted your account. As I learned, it’s not the Canadian privacy commissioner but the BC one as POF is in BC. And kudos to Carter who managed to find an address. I never could.

  15. Tee.tee.

    When ever you join any of these type of sites always open a new email account and never fill in the other details totally correctly , change things just a little. This way you are protected from identity theft and if there are problems then just shut down the email address and you have disappeared . T.t.

    • Carter

      Yes there are plenty of sites. That’s not the issue…The issue is..when anyone pays to upgrade they should not expect to be locked out of a site immediately after spending their money for the upgrade. Please Google complaints…there are tons of repeated complaints….Markus should be shut down. He is a fraud…He is a predator. Stealing money from people looking for love….He knows what he’s doing….Beware.

  16. Why am I still getting notifications and stuff whenever I deleted my account

  17. SB

    I can’t even get thrown off, as much as I tried. I filled my profile with curses, dirty words, and everything else they said would get me thrown off. They may have deleted my profile (I won’t even go on to check), but that doesn’t stop them from continuing the spam and direct emails. Verizon says that it can’t block them because it can only block individual addresses and I would spend the rest of my life doing that. I’m more PO’d at POF than I am at whatever spying he CIA is doing on me.

  18. why I cant create a profile.every user name I used was available.and why I cant get on my old profile?

  19. Redacted

    I created a pof account years ago and hadn’t logged in more than a few times when I first set it up. Recently I was googling the username I used on the site for something else and was horrified to see the pof account show up in the search results.

    I immediately tried to log in to delete the account but could not get in. I tried every email address I have ever had, and I kept getting the same message that my email address was not in the system. On one of the pages submitted my username to request a new password and was told a reset password email would be sent to my email address.

    So they’ve hijacked my profile! To make matters worse I no longer have access to the university email account I thought I had used to set it up. I tried emailing the “pr” address with no response. I didn’t want to have to contact any agencies about identity theft, so I decided to set up yet another account to get access to their help team. I didn’t fill out any legit information, just enough to get the account open.

    Once I had a new account, I was able to access better “help” from the site. I submitted the message below:

    “I have a profile on the site that I have filled out that I would love to access, but I can’t get in to it and I am not receiving the reset password emails because I think they are going to my old school account. So I have had to create this new account. Can someone please contact me about getting back in to my account with all my info already filled out? My username is [redacted] and my email account I no longer have access to is [redacted].”

    In the meantime, I contacted my alma mater and was able to get back into the account I used to set up the pof account, but there were no messages from pof about resetting the password. The account still had all my old email and was still accruing new email (So pof did in fact highjack my profile and never sent and type of password reset email)

    It took a few days, but I finally got a reply from the fake account I created from


    Thank you for taking the time to email

    If you cannot access the original email you signed up with, you will not be able to retrieve your username/password.

    We have deleted your old account. We hope you’ll create a new POF account, it’s quick and easy. You can start meeting local singles right away!

    Happy fishing!


    POF Team

    I would have preferred access to the account so I could delete everything myself and then close the account, but I’ll settle for this. After logging back in with the new fake account, I was no longer able to find my old account, and it is not showing up in search engine results.

  20. Cldbe

    I have the opposite problem. POF deleted my account for no reason. I am a female version of one of the comments before me. I was often harassed by men who either didn’t read my profile or read that I wasn’t looking for a hook up & still chose to message me. I had no problems with calling them out for it. After all, they were quite disrespectful & for me to tell them to read profiles before messaging people was the nicest thing I could ever say to them. My last time on my account I reported a man for putting up a fake pic so he could message women who didn’t want men with no pics messaging them. Then my account was gone a few days later. I think Markus wants to fake profiles so that men think they are going t get lucky not attractive women who make it clear that they have standards.

  21. POF Exposed

    POF – 1000s of fake profiles, “upgrade memberships” that people were paying for were given out free to women, random deleteions (some conveniently JUST after they had paid), messages being edited by the site, Markus making threats to members, the site being horribly insecure (it was badly hacked and exposed because the site still uses plain text to store passwords), a forum that allows threats and cyberbullies and deletion of your profile if you disagree with another.

    And be VERY careful with your photos and info…the site can and WILL use it to generate more profiles!

  22. Jon Twyman

    Is these anywhere you can go in DOS and find this POF crap and delete it all together..Finally found skype buried deep in the bowels of my computer but POF must be crypted so it is difficult to locate? Help

  23. Terry

    Yup as I like to call them POF = Plenty Of Freaks. I got blocked for just asking another user if they had anyother pictures. The only one they had was of them sitting at a table. Wow what a site, and oh yes the woman on there have such high demands for a man, that explains why when I look at my match listit is the same people that have been there for a year or sop.

  24. Barb

    I recently found that my partner of 19 years on there and messaging a women so be careful to all the women out there
    Glydingwiththebirds is a scumbag balloon pilot

  25. Jeff Garner

    Just a note…I have used POF on and off for many years and maybe 6-7 accounts as I delete the old when I start dating and if it doesn’t work out join again. In each of those instances I have followed the directions and NEVER had a problem. Nothing like what’s been described here. To delete an account is a multistep process and if you do not go all the way through your account isn’t deleted. I’ll get flamed…but the fact is I’ve created and deleted more accounts I think than people here and NEVER had an issue.

    Check out my current profile before it’s gone…and IT WILL be gone! 😉

    • colleenanderson

      Alas, many of us, myself included, did indeed go through the long and many-stepped process to delete our accounts completely. That is why I wrote this article because after I deleted all information it was evident POF had kept my information illegally and started spamming me with POF profiles again.

  26. Anon

    Here’s an idea…

    – create a fake profile
    – report your real one as inappropriate
    – POF will delete your real account

    Done. Isn’t that easier than trying to delete and contacting them to delete for you? 🙂

  27. I never signed up at pof. Somebody did using a gmail similar to mine. I have no user name or PW there since I never signed up, hence no way to cancel this nonsense. Can anybody help me?

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  29. Christopher S. O'Rourke

    I was with Plenty of Frustration from 1/13/2013 to 9/16/2014. It
    was a nightmare being on that website. I’m a widower that was
    married to a wonderful woman from the Philippines 31 years. I told Plenty of Farces to only match me with Asian women, they
    deliberately, intentionally & on purpose ignored me. They didn’t
    match me with my dating preferences at all For NO REASON.
    I have asked, begged & pleaded with them to only match me
    with Asian women. Everytime I used to send messages to
    Women of Philippine background, they would send me pop ups
    Recommending, suggesting & demanding that I only send messages to who they matched me with. I tried to send a message to one lady I was planning to meet, POF blocked it
    On purpose, they did the same to the woman I was planning
    to meet. POF has told vicious lies to my favorites, they also
    Kept me from being matched with Asian women. POF has
    practiced white on white racism againist me, I have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau of BRITISH Columbia twice, the Federal Trade Commission twice, various
    consumer complaint groups, sent letters to 180 daily newspapers in the U.S. & Canada. Plenty of Farces is the
    Worlds very worst online dating website.

  30. mariahh

    NEVER EVER USE POF !! it’s full of fake profiles ! they delete profiles with no reason ! they block you ip ! they spam you and never delete your pics and even use them after….they have women moderators who are crazy..they keep bad people…and there customer support is non existing ! its full of racist profiles !

  31. I have used POF off and on for a few years. When I get frustrated by one word messages i.e., “hello”. I will go off site for a couple months or more. I leave my profile up because I don’t want to have to delete and recreate or I will hide it.

    30 mins ago I must have fallen and hit my head because I decided to “upgrade”. Good Lord whatever was I thinking. I chose the 3 month upgrade which was appx $38.00. A few mins later while still on POF, I get a confirmation for my upgrade for $81.00 for a year. WTF ??? I know which plan I clicked on and in fact double checked in order to avoid a potential problem. They reel you in with what it would cost you, IF YOU COULD PAY PER MONTH. Which is exactly why I wanted to make sure I was choosing the least expensive and shortest membership time.

    But what really pisses me off is, if you are going to provide account “upgrades” and take our money, then you need to be more professional in the sense of providing actual customer service so that when a problem such as this occurs it can be resolved in a timely manner. You (Markus) don’t just take your customer’s money and then wash your hands of them. Problems do occur and YOU DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO CORRECT OR EVEN ADDRESS CUSTOMER CONCERNS. I’m no lawyer but that seems to border on ummmm illegal. You have got to provide solutions to your customer’s concerns and issues they experience using and PAYING YOU to use the website.

    I doubt I will get my money back and if by some stroke of online angels, I do get a response and I do get the amount due back to me – what do you want to bet that it will NOT BE DONE IN A TIMELY MANNER. If you can take money from my account instantly, then you damn well better be able to return it to my account in the same amount of time.

    I hate having to deal with companies that do this bullshit. But at least all companies I’ve done business with to date, with the exception of POF, have an actual number/email address/street address, you can call or write, so at least consumers have a “starting” point in getting a problem addressed and resolved.

    Like the rest of you posters here, I will complain and report POF to whatever agency I can find that takes these types of complaints. Does it even do any good I wonder…..sigh

    I’m thinking it all comes down to one thing, greedy, greedy, greedy, ………money and power…….it appears Markus has finally sucumbbed

  32. JD

    I met my wife on pof after being on it for one week. She was on it for one day before meeting me. We’ve been married two years and together for 6. This was before tinder and it was the only free option for matchmaking, which I think makes it less desperate, it’s people who just wanted to browse without feeling they needed to pay just to find someone. Anyway it worked for me.

  33. Mamdy

    I’m having a bit of the same problem but I need help and advice
    My bf and I met on pof ,4 years later and we made a life together but way back when we first started dating he let me go and delete all of his dating apps all these years latter pof still emails him and goes as far as saying he still talking to lady’s is this bs? Or is the only way to get the emails stating you made a Connection and the feeling is mutual do you have to still be on the site

  34. Wen

    I want to sue Plenty of Fish, Match Group for their being complicit with the fraud, fake accounts, and stating they are the top online dating site. Every profile has a fake account, fake photo attached to it. Not all the real profiles are showing up on their site.
    POF states they are the top used dating sites and their numbers are actually not based on real people, profiles. They are lying stating they are top online dating based on fake accounts created that scam people, commit pornography, etc.
    Searching POF with Scrapers and Bots POF username search does not pull up accounts, or if it pulls up the username in the profile of another POF profile.

  35. Brian

    Can you please remove my surname – xxx from my profile asap please.

    I did not expect this to appear, and I can not edit it.

    Thanks in advance.

    • colleenanderson

      I think you’re confused. I don’t see a previous comment from you. I’ve removed your name here because you seem worried that people will know who you are but a) there is no other comment, and b) I cannot go through six years of comments to try to find yours and edit it.

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