Uttering Threats Can Get You Arrested

In one of my recent posts someone sent a comment that is both disgusting and offensive and shows the problem with the attitudes of some people towards women. I have set my filters to approve comments before they are posted, so I will not give the person the satisfaction of seeing their horrid comment. But be forewarned, anyone who threatens me in any way will be reported.

This did bring up an interesting issue about internet and abusing people online. If you do a search you will find sites for cyber bullying (a form of harassment) and for cyber luring. In fact there is a lot of information on protecting children who maybe be lured, raped or otherwise abused through internet stalkers. There is cyber stalking and information on internet fraud, Nigerian scam letters and viruses. But there isn’t much on being threatened by someone on the internet.

In fact, I checked both my local police and the RCMP websites and it was very unclear. I did find that the comments the person made fall under section 264.1 of the criminal code, that of “uttering threats.” Threats are indeed considered a criminal offence and I will report all such threats to the police and did so with this comment. The police said that should this happen to any of you, you should call the police in the jurisdiction in which you reside, unless you know there is a specific task force set up for such reasons.

These attitudes, whether as a sick joke or someone who is intent on harm, should not even be tolerated. I will never condone jokes about rape because to do so makes the attitude more acceptable. I will never accept that women are chattel, lesser creatures or deserving of abuses because they are women. I will never agree that one race, religion or gender is superior over another. There are fine lines on jokes but those of a violent nature are not only in poor taste but set up precedents for increasingly violent behavior.

If you feel threatened by someone making suggestions to you on the internet, contact your local police on their non-emergency number (unless the person says they’re going to attack you on a set date or time). Keep all information so that you can give them as much evidence as possible. And don’t ever think you should just take it. I will not be intimidated by a jerk in any way.



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2 responses to “Uttering Threats Can Get You Arrested

  1. Your post is great! I think there are many young people out there that don’t take some of these threats seriously, then something happens. We need to be fully aware of what’s around us and what activities we choose to participate in on the internet. I agree with you that all threats should be taken seriously, we live in a day and age when, really … who knows what will happen. Better to have informed someone.

  2. Mick Sylvestre

    I agree that people should be careful, no matter where you are.
    When people are voicing their comments, it’s at risk of being taken out of context. Just by the words you use can bring joy or grief to someone. Face it, not everyone on the net is a writer or an editor.
    We teach our kids to be wary of strangers, but we often fail to advise them on how to stay safe on the net, because we don’t know how.
    On the other hand…
    We are losing the freedom of speech by censoring everything. I know that no matter what we do, there will always be someone that will find a way to screw it up for everyone else. That’s a given.
    The nets dominated by administrators acting like babysitters, but it still doesn’t mean it’s safe. Someone will always find a new way to terrorize another. Internet bullies have no little standards or moral conduct because they do not see it as victimization. They rationalize it as just a little fun or a practical joke on someone else’s behalf.
    We do risk losing sites like: http://www.4chan.org and other extreme sites in the name of censorship.
    It is horrible to know that people are using the net to play out their sick fantasies or fetishes on the unsuspecting public. We have to be as vigilant and aware, as we are off-line. That comes down to recognizing a person that is going to be trouble.

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