Prostitution Isn’t Going Away

This week an Ontario court struck down a law that had made certain aspects of prostitution illegal, citing that it jeopardized the safety of the prostitutes by forcing them onto the street. (I’m paraphrasing.)  There are many laws about prostitution. In Canada it’s not illegal to be a prostitute but depending on where you are it could be illegal to sell sex, buy sex, live off the avails of prostitution or run a common bawdy house (known as brothel). I think pimping falls under human trafficking laws.

Harper’s government may fight this change because of right-wing religious views, but when it comes down to it, and with William Picton torturing and murdering various sex trade workers, there is strong evidence that sex trade worker lives are jeopardized by these laws. The arguments on both sides have already begun and will never end.

There are those that say that these changes open the doors for pimps and human trafficking. However, I would think there are already explicit laws about trafficking other humans that makes pimping illegal. Others argue that many women are forced into the sex trade, and at an early age, and this is true. However, the laws do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to be a prostitute anyways.

The moment that people started civilizing themselves (and I use the term loosely) by making laws and rules for living in communities, was the moment prostitution began because men could not just take what they wanted. I should point out that various cultures and religions today still turn a blind eye to men taking what they want even if it’s other people’s rights and livelihoods. And as long as we have men on this planet we are going to have prostitution. That means forever.

No matter how one makes laws against this aspect or that of prostitution, or shames the johns or imprisons the sex trade workers, it’s still going to continue. The more laws against it, the more it will be driven underground, but never away. I have a problem with this, like many aspects of laws that are meant to not keep people safe from each other but limit a person’s rights.

What harm would there be if prostitution and buying it was legal? Just think, the government could make money off of it, like it does with cigarettes, and alcohol (also once outlawed). Women could work in brothels or establishments where there was protection from murderer and other abusers of people. The workers could have regular health inspections, as well as the establishment so that the johns were likewise safe and the women were healthy (I use women here as the most common sex trade worker but understand that this can affect men as well). Prices could be controlled. Pimps would be eliminated. Sex on the streets, including the used condoms, and the violence would be lessened. And if a prostitute was found on the street, she’d probably be underage, unhealthy, addicted or something else that would identify quicker a solution for helping.

Prostitution exists and men use it. Some are single, some are married. The ways a person cheats won’t go away if there are laws against it. Legalizing prostitution would protect everyone better and the money the government made through licensing could go back into the system for education, health, addictions programs and other ways to get women out of the trade who are there more by circumstance and less by choice. And courts and prisons could be used for the true crimes.

This is such as win-win situation that I cannot understand why countries don’t implement it, except because of religious views. And the problem with someone’s religious view is that it’s not everyone’s. False morals just don’t make sense to me and if anything this creates a system where resources are used needlessly in the wrong direction, and the government can’t make statements about having wars on crime, even when the crime rate is dropping. Hype for using money where it could be used better elsewhere? Absolutely.

I’m hoping that this case in Ontario might be the first step towards a saner look at prostitution, the laws and the rights of the people involved. Because when it gets down to the nitty gritty, everyone is entitled to live their life how they wish as long as they do not hurt others.



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5 responses to “Prostitution Isn’t Going Away

  1. Mick Sylvestre

    Ah. I said my piece about this already in facebook with a bunch of bible thumping Christains.
    Join up and I’ll send YOU the link.

    Later Gator!

  2. troy

    I like your idea on legalized prostitution. You mention though that the money made through licensing could go to getting women out of the trade who aren’t there by choice. That’s fine, but you’d also have to admit that some women could make an honest choice to become a prostitute; and perhaps live comfortably, raise families, enjoy good health and make positive contributions to their communities and society in large. It’d essentially be like a regular job.

    Men btw …lol in my opinion, shouldn’t necessarily be regarded in the ‘negative’ when it comes to fulfilling their needs. It can be a physical thing that in some is both strong and at times uncontrollable. Prostitution doesn’t exist because men are pigs …it exists because men are men. It should also be said that some men are more ‘men’ than others.

    • colleenanderson

      Hi Troy, I


      specify that it was women who aren’t there by choice, which did not mean that


      women are there involuntarily. Some people do choose this profession for various reasons and they have the right to do whichever job they choose. By the fact that I think prostitution should be legalized and that women could leave who aren’t there by choice, well, that means that someone would still have to be there or the profession would collapse. 🙂 And if I think it should be legalized it also means that it’s legitimate to pay for sex. And that means yes, men or women can satisfy their needs. However, be very careful in saying this urge is uncontrollable. The next argument could be: well men have to rape because of this uncontrollable urge. As to your last sentence, I can only scratch my head.

      • troy

        I think I started writing before reading Colleen, my bad. I do agree with all you’ve said, but just didn’t word things so well.

        I believe however, at a certain point, that the male urge can be uncontrollable …or a just as important ‘hard to control’. A recent web search reveals issues on sexual compulsivity as well as studies that suggest a predisposition in men (based on neural pathways) to rape. I feel there’s a certain point when the act itself becomes a chemical process more than a social/behavioral one.

        Of course control is the key, and as I attempted to say in my previous last sentence, some men are able to control themselves better than others.

  3. Mick Sylvestre

    Don’t worry…the Conservatives and their religious pions have this thing under wraps.

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