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Last night I did, not my first reading, but my first reading at the Vancouver Public Library. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a reading and the last was at Orycon, Portland’s science fiction convention, last November. Strangely, I was nervous all over again but since I’ve done enough acting and readings in front of people I reminded myself to take breaths and not rush. My most common nervous issue in reading is to start talking too fast. It must have worked because my friends didn’t notice I was nervous.

I read part of “An Ember Amongst the Fallen” from the Evolve anthology to a moderate sized audience. Rhea Rose, Mary Choo and Sandra Wickham also read from their works. Since we had a time limit, I chose the beginning of the dinner scene and the mounting conflict between some of the guests and my main character Buer, who wants to rekindle a relationship with his old flame.

If anyone ever asks, the names are significant in the story. Beside Buer, there is Camiel, Sammael, Ronobe, Arkon and Jeanine. Except for the very human name of Jeanine (the person who is bucking trends and the equivalent of a vegetarian in a vampire world), the rest are names of angels or archangels, or fallen angels. And yes, this does refer to the title of the Fallen, for in this world the vampirii call themselves the Fallen and their religious system is rooted in this belief and that God is the Great Deceiver. Some of the names have specific meanings, while others don’t in reference to my story. I will often use some subtle symbolism of names in my stories, if I think it’s important, though the reader may never know.

The Barnes and Noble reviewer thought I should be writing novels on vampires but I’m not sure I could do one in this world. Perhaps I could but I would have to tread carefully, not because of religious leanings of the vampirii, but to make sure this does not replicate the Planet of the Apes scenario. That’s been done and I’m aware of the similarities of that world and mine. However, whereas Planet of the Apes was a social comment on racism and black suppression (just as District 9 was), my story is different with humans as food. But both have a hominid as a lesser being.

“Exegesis of the Insecta Apocrypha,” which went to press yesterday and should be out in Horror Library Vol. 4 in the next month, is quite a different story. If “Ember” is a morality tale, then “Exegesis” is an amorality tale. It is a story of otherness and the alien. Not aliens but alien. I’ll be interested to see what people think of this one.

In the meantime, VCon is this coming weekend, Oct. 1-3. It’s Vancouver’s SF convention (gaming, media, costuming, writing) and unfortunately it’s often plagued by disorganization and a lack of communication with the local writers. Despite that, some people have managed to get us down for a reading on Sunday (somewhere around 2 or 3). And considering I wasn’t invited to attend and they never answered my emails, I’ll be at the book launch on Friday at 7 pm. More info can be found here: http://www.vcon.ca/

And I will most likely be at Orycon in Portland on Nov. 12-14. “Exegesis” will be out by then so perhaps I’ll read from that. And in the meantime, I am determined to finish off this Mary Magdalene story, so I can start on another, darker story that might be vampire and might be something else entirely. I’m working that out, and I think it’s time to visit Ireland in a story since I’ve been there and the setting is needed.



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4 responses to “Writing & Life

  1. robot17

    hi miss Colleen.

    I’m interested in this alternative universe short story were vampires are the dominant life forms and humans are not.

    can i talk more about this short story by mail instead in this blog?
    my mail is:


    i also wish you write a standard normal novel version of this short story some day.
    and i dont think anybody will accuse you of plagiarizing the novel “the planet of apes” if you create the novel version of this story since i had recently discovered several others novels of either alternative universes or post apocalypses were vampires are the typical undead myth type or aliens beings or another genus homo subspecies and that also rule over humans and humans are simple cattle.
    yes you are not the first author with this idea, and i love that you joined the club of this kind of vamp stories that are not very common and sadly there are no movies adaptations of those novels either.

    i know a lot of people(including myself)will give many support in writing a novel version of this short story of yours.

    can you email me back, please?!
    bye bye!

  2. colleenanderson

    I guess I didn’t reply to this, but I will contact you. However, I’m not too worried because all stories are derivative of stories that have gone before. We often take bits and pieces from all sorts of influences. Hopefully we end up with something different enough that someone doesn’t say, Hey that’s just like X. 🙂

    Daybreakers appeared after I’d written my story and it has similar overtones as well.

    • Sarah robot17

      i also saw the movie daybreakers and even though i still had not read your short vamp novel, after readings several reviews and mini spoilers of your short story….i think you novel is far better than that bad undead vampire cliche daybreakers movie.

      i already replay you back by my mail, remember?

      bye bye and thanks.

  3. sarah robot17

    hi there miss Colleen. yes, is me again.
    i was wondering if you please email me because i have some questions of that vampire anthology called Evolve, and specially of your short novel Ember Fallen.

    please email me at:


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