Writing: Rumors of Chizine’s Demise

Are indeed greatly exaggerated and completely untrue. Chizine, or Chiaroscuro the online magazine of dark fiction/poetry is not defunct nor has come even close to this state. As an assistant poetry editor, I am in the know and kept in the loop. Chizine was a viable entity before it was sponsored by Dorchester Publishing/Leisure Books and continues to be so. The magazine is no longer sponsored by this company, which has been hit with low sales and is dropping their paperback line. What happens to Leisure really has nothing to do with Chizine.

While Chizine did enjoy sponsorship and some joint projects such as the “Fresh Blood” contest  (which Chizine Publications [CZP] will publish the winner’s novel in limited, signed, hardcover edition as previously planned) they were never owned by Leisure Books. As well Chizine Publications is a completely separate aspect, and CZP publishes limited edition books. CZP was never sponsored by Leisure/Dorchester and is the brainchild of Brett Savory and Sandra Kasturi.

Full announcements can be found on our sites: http://chizinepub.com and http://chizine.com. Chizine has a pretty big slush pile at the moment and is closed to poetry submissions, but fiction submissions are still open. Pay rates are $10 USD per poem and .07 cents per word for fiction to 4,000 words. An aside: I can’t fathom why someone would go through the process of submitting and when we say we like it but would like you to work a bit more on it, never bother to respond back. It’s a competitive world out there in the speculative fiction field and not that easy to get published and paid for it. I certainly would work on the piece if an editor asked me to.

Feel free to check out this Bram Stoker Award winning magazine, or look at the submission guidelines for book manuscripts. And know that Chizine and CZP is running strong.


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