Empty Head

That’ me. I have an empty head. Well, not completely. It has a brain, devoid of any pertinent thoughts right now. And it has a mucous production factory, that if it were oil, could solve the world’s resource problems. Courtesy of course, of a cold. And really, as colds go, it’s not so bad. Not the 3-box of tissues wonder I had last year. My neck muscles have only grown a bit sore from blowing my nose and the chafing from the rough toilet paper is already starting to heal.

But, between the cold and being incredibly busy at work, and the seasonal craziness (I just got my tree decorated and hope to take pictures of some of the antique ornaments and post them here.), which includes shopping and baking and cleaning, well, I’m just running out of time to write.

The next few weeks will probably see sporadic posts as I go off to do things or party too much or don’t party enough. Oddly though, this weekend involves two turkey dinners and a third dinner, then I know of nothing for the next while. Things sort themselves out and I’ll bake some cookies next week.

I’m also going to decide if I should keep writing daily on the blog. Although I do minimal research as I’m not paid for this, it can still take time and it’s sometimes hard to fit it in a day. But that’s for the new year. Right now, look for sporadic posts in the next two weeks.

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