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Funky Food Gadgets

Put it in your kitchen, not in your breasts! Unless it’s turkey breast. Silicone, the new wonder cooking aid. In the last five to ten years silicone has taken over kitchens. I first saw muffin tins that weren’t tin but plastic. Or they looked like plastic and I wondered, was programmed to go, no heat, noooo, keep away from the stove. It took a bit to make my brain allow for silicone.

My only piece is an orange, dog head pot holder that lives on my cast iron frying pan. It’s so very useful. Now there are all sorts of funky aids that can be used in the kitchen. I’m not a big cook but I can be hooked by cool looking gadgets and whenever I go into Ming Wo (a great cooking store in Vancouver) I look around with wonder and have dreams of being a real cook or a chef.

So when I heard someone mention a funky ice cube tray, that makes cubes vertically, on CBC radio I went to check. I couldn’t visualize the iceorb so I took a look at the Fusion Brands website: http://www.fusionbrands.com/index.php?main_page=products_all It’s a nicely laid out site and has some fun demo videos. Take a look at the lovehandle, the poachpod and the fingertongs especially but they’re all good and brief. iceorb® The first vertical ice tray. [] : Fusion Brands. The prices are inexpensive, from $4 for the cupcooley and foodloopmini to $18 for the tenderpress and a few others. Not bad at all.

For anyone wondering about silicone and safety issues, it doesn’t seem to impart anything to food, if kept in the proper heat zone. Heat it too high though and it will melt. Silicone differs from silicon slightly. Silicon is a natural  chemical element found in glass and sand. It’s also a great conductor, hence the name Silicon Valley.

Silicone is made of silicon and other polymers or plastics and though both are heat resistant, silicone is used for cooking aids and prosthetics. Yes, it’s the type that was used in breast implants but in a liquid form, and has largely been discontinued from the burst sacks and health complications.

I’m going to see what I can find in one of our local stores, either Ming Wo or Gourmet Warehouse (Vancouver) and stuff some holiday stockings.

Health Canada lists a good comparison of hazards and benefits of different types of cookware.  http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/hl-vs/iyh-vsv/prod/cook-cuisinier-eng.php


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