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Shopping Cart Drivers

I’ve always believed that you can tell a way a person drives by the way they use a shopping cart. The same self-centered me-me-me attitude is exhibited, where no one else exists in the world but that one shopper, or driver.

Shopping aisles become completely blocked if two carts are side by side or if someone stops their cart in the middle of the ailse, at an angle, and then fills the rest of the space with their body. They’re oblvious to the fact that anybody else may be trying to move through that space. You can bet if they drive and park their car in the parking lot, that they park over the line, on an angle, taking up two spaces.

Those shoppers, with or without carts, who meander down aisles also tend to weave back and forth, chosing neither the right-hand nor the left-hand path and making it impossible for anyone to pass them. I’ve seen drivers doing the same thing on the road, turning into the lane but straddling it without choosing a lane.

There are also those shoppers who walk along and stop abruptly, causing you to walk up their legs. Or they might suddenly turn around and run right into you. Ever been behind someone driving along in a nice steady flow and for no reason they hit their brakes? Enough said.

In both cases we have examples of people who are inconsiderate. They do not look at any space they occupy as also having other people in it. The self-serving person never considers if their actions affect anyone else and believes they have the sole and proprietary right to do whatever they please. No matter what anyone thinks, we don’t live in a bubble. Consider those around you and they might just consider you.

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