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Writing: Scenes

We’ve been workshopping our first three chapters. Kij mentioned that many of us had setting but little in the way of anchoring a scene. At least five of the nine novels take place in worlds different enough (Earth’s future, medieval Earth style, space or non-Earth planets) that we must really set the place. This holds true for everyone in the group so Kij has given us an assignment of rewriting the first scene of the book.

The scene should be around 700 words and give at least six pieces of info on the first page and no more than three on the subsequent pages. I may not be remembering this correctly but five senses have to be used, and then three per page.

It sounds easy but is not. One has to get the right amount of pacing as well as the right info in the setting. Too little and the reader is not anchored. Too much and the reader gets lost. I’ve started my scene and it’s not one I’ve written yet. In fact, it was a later scene, which is now moved right up, bringing action and my three races into the picture all at once.

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