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Rebellion Baby

Or is that rebellion, baby! Actually, no, it’s rebellion baby. That’s what I was. My brother was recently in town and commented on a little tactic I had at the age of two. I don’t remember it but he still laughs about it.

It seems when my mother would put me to bed I would rebel with a fit where I’d tear off my pajamas, toss them in the hallway and then lay down upon them…and fall asleep. Maybe that’s why I don’t where pajamas today. But I do remember being slightly older, around four or five years of age, and I would slowly, accidentally, slide out of bed on the covers, because that way I wasn’t going to bed, darn it! No way! It didn’t seem to matter to my child’s mind that I would fall asleep on the sheets on the floor and inevitably wake up in the morning in my bed.

What a rebel I was. I hated going to bed. I hated missing out on things. One evening, some adult cousins from Lac La Biche, Doreen and Ted, showed up at the house. It was past my bedtime and I was in bed but not asleep. I heard them come in and wanted to see them but there was no way I could just trounce upstairs without getting in deep doodoo.

I was, on one level, very honest. I didn’t tend to lie. I couldn’t fake being sick, like my brother believes he did and faked himself into an appendectomy at a young age. But I had a devious plan. I could swallow air and at other times, burp on will. This time I just kept swallowing the air and not burping it out until my tummy hurt. Aha! Now I could go upstairs and say, “My tummy hurts.”

My mother must have been wise to my ways. She said something about it being suspect and gave me a glass of warm water, which succeeded in freeing my trapped burps. But I got what I wanted. I got to see Doreen and Ted before being sent back to bed.

I was a classic bookworm, often staying up late at night, reading, with the flashlight under the sheets. I’m still a late night person, often going to bed at 2:00, which means I usually don’t get enough sleep during the week. And I still sleep in till 10:00 am if I can.

As to rebellion, well, I wanted to learn to play drums as a kid, not because I had any affinity but because it’s what girls didn’t do. Instead, when my mother denied me,  I hit the art/drawing route, much better suited to my temperament. And my mother learned that if she wanted me to do something she got a lot farther if she asked instead of telling me what to do.

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