Addendum to Racist Rage

The same day as I posted my piece on Mr. Belligerent, I had the following experience.

It was a super hot day. I was coming home from work, still mostly bleary eyed from my surgery. As i walked past Britannia School I noticed that they were parking many cars in the field. This other fellow was walking in front of me. I could see he was carrying a bottle of cider (hard) and beer and had just come from the liquor store. I though, ahh, just my kind of guy. He has grapefruit cider (though really I prefer the English style first over the fruity ones).

He turned and asked me if I knew what was going on and I said, maybe it’s their grad but it’s early in the day and no one looks dressed right. So he asked the guys directing the traffic. It turns out it was the 100th anniversary of Britannia School. I said, I bet they have everyone gathering from all the graduates of every year.

Something else was said between us but he said, I don’t have a mean though about anyone. I used to be like that but I feel much better now. I’m paraphrasing but this guy just had this great smile and a real peaceful way about him. I commented that it was just too nice a day to let anything get to you. We said a few more words before our paths diverged and wished each other a great day.

It really balanced out the man full of anger from the morning and kinda renewed my faith. I forget that sometimes it’s just these little mundane snatches of conversation that we have with total strangers that can make us feel good. So here is to sunshine and flowers and growth and healing. It was a perfectly wonderfully sunny weekend, even if it did rain today.


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